Friday, April 24, 2015

Home Transformation: From Office to... Closet?

Have you ever had a spot in your home declare itself? Like you're thinking how you've always wanted a sewing corner and you try like heck to turn that oh-so-perfect spot into the sewing corner you've always wanted but no matter what you do, no sewing actually happens in that corner? The dog sleeps in it and your kids jump on and off your chair daily but sewing? Ha.

So once upon a time not so long ago, I had an office. Well, a nook.

The little alcove at the top of the stairs seemed like the perfect spot for a pretty little desk and a chair and a little carpet and a couple of framed pieces of my children's artwork on the wall for inspiration. Great in theory, not so good in reality. Since forever ago I have worked in the living room where I can keep an eye on my children and also not be stuffed up into an alcove.

Meanwhile the space with the pretty little desk and the pictures on the wall quickly ended up looking like this:

And no matter how many times I tried to clean it, it always went back to being a hot mess of stuff with nowhere better to be. The bin of my and P.'s dance clothes and gear and crafting supplies and stationery and office supplies and the kids' baby books and what looks like a random cloud but it actually pillow stuffing. Mirrors and magazine racks. Ear plugs?

This week, I said enough. There's not much point in having an ersatz office if I'm never actually going to use it. Wasted space just plain annoys me. Not to mention the fact that most of the stuff that was accumulating in that wasted space did not belong there.

So with P.'s help, I hatched a plan!

Like she literally drew up some plans for a curtained closet. While her plans may not have been entirely contractor ready they gave me enough to go on. I didn't even ask for her help - she just tapped me on the shoulder after hearing me mention a curtained closet a week ago and handed me her fully-formed plan. How cool is that? And so how could I not do it?

P. even helped with the installation! One shelf, four supports, four brackets, and two closet rods later - plus fourteen curtain clip rings and an Easter pencil - and I no longer have to share a tiny, congested, and weirdly laid out closet with my wonderful husband. It is going to be amazing to actually be able to see all of my clothes!

(Excuse the mess behind the door - a fully unfinished second floor bedroom tends to invite clutter. Hopefully we can get that room finished sometime before never.)

The curtain still needs hemming and a quick run through the press cycle of the dryer but that could happen as early as this weekend. I have another set of Martha Stewart curtains that I bought for the closet project but I'm just plain loving my leftover Ikea bird curtain in that space.

What do you think? Did P. and I do a good job?

Friday, April 17, 2015

A Little Space to Throw a Pillow

I rearranged my living room today. Haven't done that for a while. And it got me to thinking about what the living room looked like back when we were house shopping and decided to check out this one - which turned out to be an almost exact copy of the one I grew up in.

That hit me pretty weird and has a lot to do with why we bought a tiny, oddly-built house in a so-so hood. It's like I walked in and I was home.

Not that the home in question hasn't changed a lot since that day. Here's then and now:

Just a little different, right? But still tiny and oddly built. Luckily we like tiny - for now, at least. Every time we have house guests I have visions of my teenage children in their almost-adult bodies taking up all of the available space. For now, though, it's enough to have room to do this:

That's really all the room you need, right?

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