Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Simple Summertime Joys

If you ask me how often I wash my poor car, the honest answer would be not often enough. I clean the inside regularly because inside is where I sit and I don't like car clutter any more than I like house clutter. But the outside? Doesn't get much attention.

But even so I do have fond memories of washing my mom's car as a kid! And like it often does around here, we have transitioned full bore into summertime after a brief spring. Today the mister had a great idea for beating the heat - productively!

Before dinner the four of us dragged out buckets and rags and the hose and washed the car.

It's hard to believe we've been a suburban family of four this long without ever washing the car right in the driveway! This afternoon we changed all that. We even washed Bo's wagon, plus we watered the flowers and plants... along with most of the driveway.

P. eventually changed into her swimsuit. My full-length maxi dress got soaked at the hem. And Bo was just plain soaked. I actually poured water out of his shoes after we came inside. The car is clean and so is the wagon.

Now I'm making pink pancakes with sprinkles. Maybe we'll eat them outside because there's a breeze that's cutting through the heat. Here's to a whole summer of wet hems, rain boots filled with hose water, and pancakes on the deck!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

This Guy - I Can't Even

I knew every kid would be different. But the big surprise with this guy is how much he makes me laugh. His facial expressions alone are hilarious. He can go from this...

 To this...

... in about two seconds flat.

And then he's glaring but it's a larger than life glare with a glimmer of laughter in it. Seriously. I have never seen a two-year-old that's so expressive on command. He's not feeling, he's acting

That's all I have today. Really I just wanted to pop in and say hi and share a few pics. I'm busy busy busy, as usual, and it'll probably only get worse as it gets closer to summer vacay.

Oh, one more thing - click the pic to see one of my latest posts for Hello Mamas!

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