Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Do I get another pelvic exam?

You know, it never struck me to ask whether I'd be getting a pelvic exam at every pre-natal appointment. The nice thing about pelvic exams at the birthing center is that they don't use stirrups. It's just bend at the knee, skootch the butt forward. They don't kick the hub out of the room, either, which cracks me up. Last time I asked him "What's it like watching me get a pelvic exam?" I don't recall that he had an actual answer.

Things I may or may not ask the midwife tonight:
  • Why do so many women give birth shirtless?
  • What are the odds I'll get vulval varicosities (otherwise known as 'cheeseburger crotch')?
  • Why does walking long distances suddenly give me back pain?
  • What's the deal with episiotomies at this place?
  • Am I a big fat-ass?
  • Is it really that bad to eat raw fish while pregnant?
  • What should I know about air travel and pregnancy?
  • When does one actually begin to "show?"
Can you think of anything else I should ask?


  1. You won't get another pelvic exam if they've already done one. They may not even do a cervical exam after 37 weeks (which is typical), some midwives don't because it doesn't tell you anything useful and has a slight possibility of introducing bacteria into the cervix.

    Cheeseburger crotch...ew. I don't even know what that is, and hope I never find out. I refuse to Google it.

    Backache - it's the hormones loosening your ligaments and your muscles and stuff adjusting to the growing uterus.

    As for raw fish, I don't know what yours will tell you but I've been eating sushi the whole pregnancy. The trick is just to know you're getting fresh sushi from a trusted place and not some crappy back alley sushi. The risk is no different pregnant or not-pregnant, it's all about freshness and potential parasites.

    Have a happy appointment!

  2. On one hand, I'm relieved to potentially not to have to "take it all off." On the other hand, I can't even fathom what she's going to want to talk to me about if she isn't going to feel my uterus.

  3. Oh, it's the typical boring blood pressure, weight gain, pee analysis, fundus measurement and how are you feeling stuff otherwise. The cervix poking is quick, uncomfortable and as I found out today can result in underwear staining.

  4. Let's see, what did I get...I weighed myself (they do it on the honors system). Turns out I lost two pounds for a total weight gain of 6 for the 1st trimester. No pee, they don't do it all that often, I found out. Not sure what a fundus is -- can I "put the fun in it?" -- but we heard the heartbeat! Also, the midwife confirmed that most chicks give birth sans shirt because (ta da!) they're hot!


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