Thursday, September 11, 2008

Weight, weight...don't tell me!

I have gained eight pounds since July 25, which is apparently more than I ought to have gained. The hub doesn't seem to mind, but I do. Where once I saw ribs and hip bones, there now lives an icky squishy jelly belly. Luckily, I'm pretty sure that my midwife isn't going to have something nasty to say...unlike the people some women gripe about on babycenter:

I have never been so depressed as when I walked out of my OB's office yesterday after he scolded me for my weight gain. He literally said the words "shame on you", and slapped my hand, like I was a naughty four-year-old! I cried all afternoon, into the night and was still weapy this morning!

I'm 20 weeks pregnant with my first child and have gained about 15 pounds. In the past 24 hours my sister, mother, stepfather and a guy at the gym have all told me I look fat and its made me so miserable.

At 35 weeks, I have gained 38 pounds. I realize I am pretty close to my due date,but I was very discouraged when my health care provider said I had gained too much weight. Specifically she said,when mommy gains too much weight,baby gains too much weight and has a difficult time descending down the birth canal.

My doctor (one of 4 in the practice) gave me a lecture about my weight gain, how I should eat (including a patronizing talk about skipping dessert), taking up swimming and more. Then told me how I had a big baby last time and she didn't want that to happen to me again. My husband was very supportive on the way out of the office, all the way home, that night, the next day, etc. But I'm still feeling miserable. I can't shake the feeling that I'm being a bad mom by gaining "so much weight."

I am 26 weeks and have put on about 25 pounds. I was feeling okay about myself until recently when I have gotten a lot of comments on how "big" I am. Then today at work, I had some lady ask if I was twins and when I said "no" she was like, "well that's going to be one huge baby".

I was feeling okay until someone at work said, "Wow! You're really gaining!" and another said, "Gee, you're really showing early. No one could tell I was pregnant until 7 months." Then, when I finally sucked it up and wore a maternity shirt because nothing else looked right, someone said, "Are you TRYING to make yourself look more pregnant?" Uugh.

Wow, people are jerks. If someone wants to say something mean to me about my weight, I'm not messing around. I'm just going to push them over, sumo wrestler style, and sit down on their lungs until they choke to death. Problem solved!


  1. Equally disturbing are the girls on Babycenter who will be lamenting their awful horrible weight gains and how fat and disgusting they are despite exercising constantly and doing everything in their power to maintain their perfect, ideal weights. Oh the horror that their body dared to gain a pound at all when they have been training as though for a triathlon for the past 9 months.

  2. What, exactly, is the problem with having a big baby??? My son was 10lb4oz when he was born. Granted, he practically walked out, but still. Bigger babies tend to sleep better, eat better, fall into a routine earlier... what's not to like? What, you have to carry 9 pounds on your arm instead of 7? It's not like the babywad isn't going to be 90% padding and 10% baby ANYWAY.

  3. I think, jrm, that the fear is that it will hurt more to birth a big one? I asked my midwife about it and she said there can be complications if it's reeeaaally big but that gaining some extra weight isn't all that likely to make the baby that big.


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