Monday, September 8, 2008

What, no black?

I finally finished creating our Babies "R" Us registry today. When the hub and I got married, we didn't create a registry because I wanted people to attend the wedding more than I wanted gifts. Now that we're poised to be parents, pragmatism is winning out over idealism. If someone wants to spare us from having to buy one more package of binkies we can hardly afford, who am I to say no?

When picking things out, I gravitated toward browns, but only because I couldn't gravitate toward blacks. Maybe I'm just jaded because I watched my six younger siblings barf and doo-doo their way through infancy, but in my opinion pastels are not the appropriate colors for infants. Why browns? Because brown will hide vomit and poop stains way better than baby blue and baby pink will.

If I had my way, I'd be able to create a layette consisting of black onesies, black blankets, black bibs, black sleepers, a black high chair, black linens, a black car-seat and stroller combo, a black jumper, and black everything else. That way, the worst that would happen after frequent washings would be that all that cloth would go a little gray.

But I seldom get my way, which means that there are lots of little white onesies and pastel socks and brightly-colored plush toys on my registry. I found a brown travel system and a brown travel playpen, but the high chair I went for is actually a distressingly light green...because it converts into a table high chair and then a booster seat. Sometimes you have to give up looks for functionality.

Babby requires many accessories. Coming soon: I attempt to answer the question "Why are maternity clothes so darned ugly?"


  1. 1. Black cannot be bleached to hell and back like white can.

    2. Not only are maternity clothes ugly, but half of them are made for the crotchless and the other for folks with giant mommy regions.

  2. This is true...some people don't bleach, though. I can't recall my dad bleaching baby stuff unless it was white, but I might be misremembering.

    "Giant mommy regions?"



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