Friday, September 5, 2008

Wherein Christa falls off the wagon

I hope I go back to eating like a normal human being someday. Or at least normal for *me*. I've never been much of a sugar fiend, but nowadays I can't get enough. Whereas I used to enjoy diet drinks occasionally -- think Coke Zero or Crystal Light Limeade -- I can't stand them now. I drank almost three gallons of Hawaiian Punch all by myself. Tea must now have sugar in it. Regular soda is the bomb.

And it's not just a thirst thing, either. Yesterday, after lunch, I had a cup of Fluff mixed with peanut butter. That's right...I ate plain Fluff and peanut butter out of a cup, and I freaking loved it. Husband says, "aw, that's not disgusting. that's preggers cute!"

The only two sweet things I am not digging on right now are chocolate cupcakes and Trader Joe's iced oatmeal cookies, both of which I made the mistake of eating during a particularly nasty bout of morning sickness. Hey, at least I can stomach food that isn't drained ramen with butter!

Speaking of food, you may be wondering what I mean by falling off the wagon. Yours truly covertly bought herself two lobster rolls -- I even went so far as to throw the wrappings away at a public bin -- and ate them all up. They were absolutely fantastic, and the best part is that I haven't wanted anything meaty since eating them. I told the hub that it would be an easy go-to food if I ever have crazy meat cravings again. If I'm going to kill something, I'd rather kill something low on the brain chain. Lobsters, I believe, have a nerve cluster rather than a proper brain. Not that it makes it right, by any stretch of the imagination.

Silly lobsters...all tastin' so dang good.

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