Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Maternity Duds

I bought myself some maternity clothes today even though I don't actually need them yet. I was wondering when I might start needing them and read posts from real live pregnant ladies and mothers admonishing me to get a few staple pieces now. Your belly will pop out overnight, rendering your pants too tight, they said. You don't want to stretch out your pre-pregnancy shirts, they said.

So I listened, and went to the Wal*Mart web site for some seriously cheap on-clearance maternity duds. I bought a pair of gray cargo pants, some velour sweat pants (classy!), two long sleeve tees, and one short sleeve tee. All black, naturally. I figure that when combined with the larger clothes I already have, I won't be caught unawares by the second trimester growth spurt.

What's up with dorky maternity clothes, anyway? The more expensive the clothes, the lamer they seem to be...what with the ruffles and pinks and stupid Baby On Board t-shirts. I mean, if I wanted to dress like a tool, I could have been doing that all along.


  1. I stalked the clearance section of Motherhood Maternity's website. You're smaller so you could probably find nice casual but not goofy looking stuff on GAP's maternity stuff too. I'm all about the sales. *grin*

    For my entire pregnancy I had three pairs of maternity pants (two of which I purchased in the last month) and five or six maternity tops. I pretty much wore what I was comfortable wearing at home and then wore the maternity stuff when I went out to see people/appts/etc because they fit better and displayed the pregnant swell better.

    In short...do what you like. :)

  2. Another good place to pick up maternity clothes relatively inexpensively is Craigslist. I had some luck at Goodwill, too. And I liked the Bella bands for my first trimester gain. Hoping they serve me well after delivery, too. That post-pregnancy belly pooch drives me nuts hanging over the waistband of my pants.

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