Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pre-natal Fitness at the Y

Tonight was my first pre-natal fitness class. After the snore-fest that is pre-natal pilates, I thought I'd give the class at the Y a try. Thankfully, I was not disappointed. The workout was not as intense as, say, a Jane Fonda aerobics video from 1987, but it was not as lame as the pilates. I figure that this class on top of my tapping and my walking and my lifting should keep me fit and happy.

The instructor is a hoot -- she's an older lady with a braided bun smack-dab on the top of her noggin and she brought lots of printouts having nothing at all to do with pregnancy to class. Many were recipes for things like pumpkin apple pancakes and fried okra. I like this her a lot.

There are three other woman in the class, all of whom are a lot farther along than I am. They all have bumps whereas I just have a gut.

I told them I was getting an early start.

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