Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Third Appointment

I had my third pre-natal exam tonight, and I thought I'd share the highlights for those who are curious.
  • We heard the baby's heartbeat again, and this time the hub recorded it so we could make an mp3 to send to the grandparents and post to the Internet.
  • I've gained 12 pounds since becoming pregnant, topping off thus far at a curvaceous 136. The midwife says this is A-OK. I'm hoping my gains slow a touch, as I've put on 6 pounds in the last month -- though I do think most of it is due to eating my way through the weekend.
  • We decided to take the triple screen test (I forget what it's called) so I'm all set to go to the blood lab tomorrow.
  • I should, with any luck, be having my ultrasound on October 30. Cross your fingers that the hub can take a half day and see babby. There's a good chance that my mom will come up from New York that day so she can see babby, too. No matter what, *I* get to see babby. If babby cooperates, we'll be able to see its junk and find out what variety of babby it is.
In other non-babby news, I really want to eat this.


  1. You know, I wanted to record the heartbeat sound so badly during each of my many ultrasound appointments. Unfortunately I had a memory like a sinking ship and forgot my digital audio recorder every single time. Now I think about recording all of the goofy little noises - like his dream sounds - that Everett makes. But I can't see a real purpose in it past momentary amusement.

  2. Do you have relatives far away? Grandparents and beloved aunties love that sort of thing. At least mine do!


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