Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Thoughtful Review of Today's Ultrasound

  • They warm up the jelly and the stick thing, so it felt nice.
  • Babby is energetic and perhaps also camera shy -- which meant I was on the table for close to two hours before the tech got everything she needed.
  • It would appear that babby has the appropriate number of limbs, fingers, and toes.
  • In March, it is 99.9% likely that we will meet Paloma Hazel Pamela T. (not Hunter Stuart Antonio T.)
  • The babby literally gave us the finger. Babby takes after her mother.
  • There was evidence of Isolated Choroid Plexus Cysts, but that's okay because the majority resolve naturally and my Triple Screen Test came back clean as a whistle and it looked like babby unclenched her fists. Note: If there is something amiss, I'll find out tomorrow.
  • Babby has long legs...Paloma the prima ballerina? Paloma the highly-paid fashion model? Paloma who can reach things on shelves that are beyond my grasp?
  • I have a picture of babby that lends itself perfectly to photoshopping in a bottle of booze -- I feel guilty for wanting to do this.
  • I also have a picture of babby's face...more specifically, babby's freaky skull. Just in time for Halloween!
  • Having jelly in one's pubes does not feel so nice.


  1. What's worse is when you can no longer see your pubes and you're wiping the jelly off blind with the nurse and your husband watching...then you pull up your panties and realize that you obviously missed some and no one bothered to tell you as you feel a wet squishiness down below.

  2. We had the same Choroid Plexus Cyst issue, and we freaked out for a week before finding out we were fine, we had to go into Tufts for the second ultrasound. The doctor that called me with the results told us that we would be fine, but I still worried anyway, even though my triple screen came back absolutely fine.

    (this is - i commented once before)

  3. theovulator: Ahahaha! Yikes. Maybe I'll carry around a compact mirror so I am never without visual access to my pubes.

    kathleen: Apparently it's totally common and, more often than not, totally benign. It's associated with birth defects because you see them more in babies with certain birth defects, but it's not causal in the opposite direction, whew!

  4. And what about the picture? can we see it ?

  5. Sara: You sure can...once I get it scanned in!


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