Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sexy momma

Ugh, I feel so selfish for caring about "getting fat" when I've got a baby growing in my gut. It's not a potbelly -- it's a baby. Even so, my mom did say she was sorry that her comment to me (as transcribed in the previous post) came out sounding so insensitive. She didn't, she says, mean to dismiss my feelings about my changing body.

AND she said she'd help me connect with a personal trainer post-birth so I can be a sexy momma instead of a rotund one.

I'm terrible, right? Oh well. I've learned over time, through a great deal of trial and error, that when I feel good about how I look, I tend to feel good about everything else in my life, too. As ridiculous as that is, it's just how things are, and unless I want to start doing analysis or going to therapy, I may as well just work with the quirks I've got. As far as quirks go, this one is relatively mild.

Now on to other topics. JRM pointed out that British tots also know how is babby formed.
Angus, 5: Babies come from the mummy and daddy. Inside the mummy's tummy, they go zoom - the two things. Whoever wins the race goes wuvavoovavoov, mixed up with the egg and then out pops the baby. Which one won the race? Did I win the race? Do they have eyes? I won't have any children. I don't want to put my willy in that secret hole.
That sounds about right.


  1. Yeah, I also have that body image quirk. Of all the personality flaws one can have, it's not a bad one.

    Also, I'm the strongest and healthiest I've been in years, so it can't be all bad.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing your offspring. He/She/It will undoubtedly be adorable to the extreme.

  2. I don't think it's a quirk, I think it's a universal. Look, if it wasn't a universal desire (possibly a need) for women to look and feel good about themselves, the beauty industry would not exist. No one would feel like they were made of sex and chocolate after leaving a salon. And none of us would ever bother dressing up for a date.

    I know I feel shleppy when I *look* shleppy. If I take the extra five minutes to sweep on a little mascara and swipe on some lipstick I actually Feel. Better. I don't think it's crazy and I don't think it's a quirk. If I can fit into my happy jeans (not my skinny ones, but the happy ones - the ones that make me feel like my best me) I feel excellent.

    And when the guy I am in love with says "you look so great", and I'm naked when he says it? Holy crap[ that's a wonderful feeling.

    What I am saying here is 2 things: you are not avain selfish person for wanting to look good. It's basic mental health, for one thing; any psychiatrist will tell you that people who feel good tend to take better care of themselves and dress well and all that jazz. One perpetuates the other (appearance and feelings), and it's the *opposite* of a vicious cycle.

    The other thing that I am saying: get a "Pilates for Pregnant Women" dvd (I don't know what a specific one might be but I know they are out there) and use it now. Then after your pregnancy get a regular Pilates dvd and do mat workouts at home. I promise you that mat workouts are better (and much harder) than Pilates on the equipment that they charge you a fortune to use.

    It's a good idea to go to a Pilates studio once or twice just to get a really good idea of exactly how to do the movements and the breathing, because yes, it really is that precise. But omg it is so worth it.

    So: if your mom is willing to give you a personal trainer fund, I would use it on one or two visits to a studio, a couple of dvds, a mat, and I'd spend the rest of it on shoes.

    Lady, you're going to bounce back like nobody's business. But you are not a monster for feeling this way. Not in the slightest.

    (Oh, PS: the best story I've heard about this fucked-up war in Iraq this year was on one of the morning shows. A sister of a female soldier who's over there realized that the women there don't have any access to girly foo foo stuff, so she did this amazing thing: she did a local drive for makeup, nail polish, hair supplies, and as much prettymaking stuff as she could think of and gathered the items up into gigantic boxes. She shipped them to the women, who proceeded to have a field day giving one another makeovers and doing each others hair and sitting around a NO BOYS ALLOWED space while giving one another pedicures. This I think is PROOF that women like to feel pretty. Maybe they even need to feel lovely. That is all there is to it.)

  3. My 2.5 year old doesn't know how is babby formed, but she does know where is babby come from: Doctors.


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