Saturday, November 8, 2008


It just so happens that I live roughly three blocks from one of only two birth centers in my state. Said birth center is right on the grounds of the hospital...I mean, how "best of both worlds" can you get? It's a great little place -- birthing tubs, you can bring anything you want when you give birth, as many people as you like can accompany you, etc.

Naturally, it had to be too good to be true.

On November 18, the board of trustees at the Northeast Health Corporation will vote on a recommendation that would bar women from actually giving birth at the birth center. That would be the hospital biggity-wigs, of course, though the actual proposal was put forth by hospital management at the hospital as part of a move to encourage "unified health care," or some B.S. like that.

Now, I could be wrong, but doesn't having midwife assisted births in a home-like locations on the grounds of the hospital sound a lot like unified health care? Taking that option away sounds a lot like choice-free health care. What do I mean by choices? If you take away the birth center, my options are limited to hospital birth and home birth.

Should the recommendation get approved, I'm leaning toward midwife assisted home birth, but then I live three blocks from the hospital. But if I do decide to labor in a hospital -- barring unforeseen complications that may arise in pregnancy -- I'll be damned if I'll support the hospital financially. I'll try Salem or see what other hospitals are close enough to choose safely.

I'm not the only one who feels like this. A whole group of pregnant ladies and moms are getting together to write letters and such. Here's more info:

The Campaign to Save the North Shore Birth Center


  1. that's so incredibly irritating because i, as well, was debating birthing there (though i am leaning towards the hospital setting and epidural). does the hospital itself offer tubs? my other choice i was really liking was waterbirth. ugh. thanks for posting this.

  2. kathleen: The hospital has tubs in the rooms, but they're smaller than the tubs at the birth center. More like bathtub size so not as much space to move, but still an option.

  3. thanks! i dont know why they still havent explained it all to me, as i'm at 29 weeks now. although, i haven't really asked any questions, either, so it's pretty much my own fault.

    i'm glad there's at least some tub option, i'm still unsure if i'll go natural/tub birth, or opt for drugs.

  4. I am shocked and saddened by this news. I gave birth to my daughter there 14 months ago. We had a water birth and an amazing experience. I feel so fortunate to have this resource so close by and recommend the Birth Center to everyone I know. For any future children we may have, I wouldn't want to give birth anywhere else.


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