Tuesday, November 25, 2008

More Paloma Portraits to Follow

I had another ultrasound, the necessity of which kind of freaked me out. As interesting as it is to see the baby bouncing around in my gut, being told that you need another scan because they didn't get a good clear picture of feet is kind of disconcerting. Especially since we saw feet and toes at the first scan...they just didn't take a clear picture of them to pass along to the midwives.

I'm sitting there at my last appointment wondering if I had imagined those little toesies. Maybe my baby didn't have feet! Maybe she had...club feet!

I think the ultrasound tech took pity on me, because she gave me about fifteen print outs of Paloma's face, her feet, her profile, and even Paloma giving us the thumbs up, which was pretty funny. Maybe I shouldn't worry -- after all, my own baby is giving me the thumbs up.

Anyway, Paloma does, in fact, have feet, and as far as anyone can tell, the correct number of toes, fingers, bones, eye holes, and nostrils. Nothing is missing, except a jimmy, which she shouldn't have anyway.

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