Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Question

Mommas: If I get one or more pregnancy-related stretch marks, when can I expect it/them to show up? Where is it most likely to appear? Will it just show up overnight?


  1. Heya, Christa, I hope your party was great and that your new year brings all good things to you, starting with Paloma!

    I asked my sister, who said that it's different for everyone; no one's body handles stretched skin the same way, and some people are not prone to stretch marks at all. My sister only got a few very light, almost unnoticeable ones, but some women get the red striations that also will fade with time.

    She said they weren't really noticeable until after her babies were born, though; when the skin is stretched taut it really isn't possible to tell what it's doing. She stressed, however, that this was just her experience and that ymmv sigificantly.

  2. Hey lady! You still need to e-mail me your postal mailing address!

    Big thanks to your sister for giving me the straight dope :-)


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