Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pre-natal Appointment: 1/24/09

Here's a recap of my most recent pre-natal appointment with the midwives at the birth center:
  • I lost three pounds since my last appointment, making my overall pregnancy weight gain at 31 weeks of gestation close to 21 pounds. This is what I look like:
  • I had to have even more blood drawn when I told the midwife I flopped down on my tummy accidentally. They can check to make sure that the baby's blood isn't mingling with my own blood. Tedd held my hand and the tech in the hospital lab was awesome.
  • Waking up choking on one's own bile isn't nice, but if it happens again I'm clear to take one of those OTC heartburn prevention pills. Waking up choking is actually pretty scary.
  • My glucose tolerances are within normal levels! Yay! That means I don't have to sit through the boring three-hour test.
  • I was given the go-ahead to take an international flight to Spain later this week. I have a letter of "permission" from the NSBC and copies of all my pre-natal medical records, but still. I don't relish the thought of early labor over the Atlantic... though having a preemie in Spain would be quite the trip, no? Hopefully my mom will be able to score first class upgrades so I have a tad more legroom and space to ambulate.

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