Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pregnancy and Baby Links I've Been Sitting On

Six Embarrassing Pregnancy Symptoms
From super farts to the dreaded cheeseburger crotch, this article outlines six pregnancy symptoms your mom probably isn't going to tell you about. In fact, very few people will tell you about them, probably because they want you to find out on your own so they can laugh at you and thank their lucky stars that they are no longer pregnant.

Pregnant Celebs: Before and After
Baby weight? What baby weight? Apparently the sunup to sundown schedule of movie stars and people who fancy themselves movie stars burns a crapload of post-pregnancy calories. Why is knowing that Jennifer Lopez still has rolls such a comfort to me? Gah, I'm so vain!

Delivery Method Affects Brain Response
(No judgments from me, just so you know.) Apparently, the method of delivery influences how a new mother's brain responds to her baby's cry. "The brains of women who have natural childbirth appear to be more responsive to the cries of their own babies, compared to the brains of women who have C-section births." That, I should say, is more responsive in terms of measurable brain activity, NOT more responsive in terms of love or care. Big difference!

More on Sterilizing Your Baby's Bottles
Full disclosure: I'm not a sterilizer. I have six healthy younger siblings who drank from baby bottles and sucked on pacifiers that had been stashed in drawers, or worse, dropped on the floor! If nothing else, I'm cool with sterilizing once when bottles and other infant equipment comes home from the store. After that, let everything get a little germy. This link has quotes from experts who maintain sterilization of bottles is only truly important if your water supply is suspect.


  1. I'm not a sterilizer either. Once when it came home then never again. I wash everything out, usually with hot water, so that should be good enough. Especially given this kid licks anything he can get near his mouth right now. *grin*

    That's interesting about the brain response thing. I haven't followed the link yet (heading to the post office) so I'm wondering what it means. This made me think of when we had to get his tongue clipped the week after he was born. I was on pins and needles when he was crying and hurting. And then when the doc left the room with him and did her rounds for about 20-30 minutes it was maddening. We could hear a baby crying somewhere and my mom thought it was Ev but I could tell it wasn't. And it wasn't, he'd passed out from exhaustion in the PED's arms with her finger putting pressure on his frenulum. (Not that this is what the link is talking about..tangent!)

  2. It does amaze me that people assume that hand-washed bottles are covered in super germs while, say, a plushie that kiddo gums all day is going to be germ free. Huh?

    Man, that frenulum thing sucked balls. Hope I don't have to do that... I'll just have to do some other harrowing thing, I'm sure.

  3. Well if you do, don't let my situation freak you out. I think Ev's experience was not the norm. And really he didn't show any signs of pain the next day and his tongue didn't even show the little white scar within two or three weeks.


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