Thursday, January 8, 2009

Yum, Orange!

I had my glucose blood draw last night... after a great deal of confusion that was entirely my fault. The problem with having pre-natal appointments once a month is that it's so easy to forget things like, say, forms. (And it's even easier when you're pregnant!) Apparently, I was given some sort of requisition at my last pre-natal appointment with the midwives, but I can't for the life of me recall having it. I mean ever, but it's not like they'd send me to the hospital lab without it.

Nonetheless, I walked into the hospital to get blood work done without a trace of paperwork, meaning that a number of very nice (but likely frustrated) office type people had to make calls and request faxes and wait for faxes while I sat there looking mighty chagrined and mighty pregnant. I let them do it all on my behalf, though, because once I'm geared up for a blood draw, I just want them to draw my blood.

First, though, I had to drink some thickish orange soda. The tech said I had four minutes to finish it, but I just chugged it down. Hey, I like orange soda! And I hadn't had any sweets -- well, other than my breakfast bowl of drinking chocolate -- all day for fear of messing up my results. Down the hatch without a scratch!

I didn't have to sit around and wait, luckily. I booked my pre-natal appointment specifically to fall right in the middle of the waiting around period. As usual, I asked some embarrassing questions (poop! vaginas! heart valves! other pregnancy related afflictions!) and they measured the babby by measuring me. We've both grown, which falls squarely in *good* territory.

Then the blood draw, ouch. Hopefully, my blood sugar is normal, because I really don't want to have to eat a GD diet for the rest of my pregnancy. Oh, and get risked out of the Birth Center. GD is an automatic trip to hospital land...

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