Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Breastfeeding and Weight Loss

Once upon a time, I was reading an interview with Angelina Jolie, and she said something like this (I'm seriously paraphrasing here) in response to people's criticisms of her post-pregnancy weight loss: I'm breastfeeding and I haven't gotten my nutrition back on track, so I've lost a bunch of weight. My first thought was, yeah, right, skinnypants.

Well now I'm breastfeeding myself, and I swear that at least today, you probably wouldn't think I'd even been pregnant. I feel like I get a bit skinnier every day. Now, I don't actually have any confirmation of this, not having a scale, though I have plans to bust out my pre-pregnancy clothes any day now. I'd like to get some exercise, but I don't have any time for that, what with the running back and forth between the hospital and home.

The whole easy weight loss thing will probably change some once she gets home and I can, as Angelina said, "get my nutrition back on track," but for now it's kind of funny. I've always had a tendency to put on weight easily. Now it's melting off.


  1. Don't be surprised if your pants don't fit quite right yet you are your pre-pregnancy weight. I've found that despite having lost all the weight I still don't fit my pants. For you this will probably be less of an issue, I'm imagining. But I think it is at least partially due (in the beginning) to your hips not having gone back in place. And they never really will go all the way back now that you've had a baby. I've also acquired quite a bit extra abdominal fat, which makes me wonder where I lost weight elsewhere to have evened out. Hopefully I'll work it off once the weather turns and I can go outdoors on walks with Ev. But I digress..

    Oh, don't forget Angelina had two babies sucking at her teetas so she probably had the metabolism of a race horse while breastfeeding. *grin*

  2. I have the feeling that breastfeeding is where the concept of "sucking the life out of" someone came from. Because, basically, that's what it is. You're taking your basic life-building blocks, and making them into food for someone else.

    If that doesn't make you lose weight, I don't know what will.

  3. Audrey: I'm actually more interested in the shirts right now. I'm totally living in black sweat pants that look like they could be regular pants because, hey, I'm not going anywhere any time soon! I think my hips are definitely wider, but my belly is almost entirely gone, which is kind of weird. The chicks I saw in the hospital who went full term totally had these pouches left over and I don't have that.

    JRM: That's why I'm drinking hellsa much fluid. As far as eating the recommended 2500 calories goes, that I'm not so good at unless it's nibbles of chocolate or the occasional milk shake. Seriously, as a vegetarian with a taste for raw fruits and veggies, it ain't easy to eat that many calories!


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