Friday, February 27, 2009

Having a Baby

So we survived Paloma's first night at home. I even managed to get some sleep, though not until after the 2:30 a.m. feeding. By then I was so tired that I stopped feeling the overwhelming need to check and see if Paloma was breathing. Maybe it's part of Mother Nature's plan to keep parents from going completely insane. Paloma is eating well and, according to the weight the visiting nurse took today, she's surpassed her original birth weight by an ounce! Woo!

On an unrelated note, Cabbage Patch preemies totally weird me out now. Why anyone would want to make a toy version of the babies in the NICU is beyond me. In a way, it trivializes the very harrowing and traumatic experience of actually having a preemie. Tedd and I were lucky -- Paloma was born at 34 weeks and was good and strong. Other moms and dads in the NICU had smaller, much less developed babies needing a lot more specialized care.


  1. Hi I have babby formed inside, i get pragnent, I love your blog its better than other babby blogs that arent so good

    Seriously good luck with your babby!


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