Saturday, February 7, 2009

The BabbyMama Files: Pre-natal Appointment: 2/7/09

pre-natal appointments

Not much new to report at my latest pre-natal appointment. Sure, I have heartburn, but that's normal. I'm getting kicked a ton by the baby and that's normal, too. I never stop having to urinate. Again, normal. My blood pressure remains normal. Consequently, we didn't have a lot of questions for the midwife, outside of one about food. Here's a very short recap:
  • Papaya, according to the midwives, is safe to eat during pregnancy in normal quantities, no matter how many people online claim that a tiny bite will cause you to have a spontaneous miscarriage.
  • I'm holding steady at 145 lbs, having lost weight before my last pre-natal appointment and gained no weight before this one. The baby, on the other hand, has grown and is precisely where she ought to be in terms of size.
  • Paloma's heart rate is down to 120, which is appropriate, as fetuses can have heart rates anywhere between 110 and 160.
  • In a few week's time, we'll be attending an orientation at the hospital, where a nurse will talk about labor and delivery and we will have an opportunity to tour the maternity ward. Not, mind you, that I particularly want to give birth in the maternity ward, but if I end up there, it would be nice if it wasn't wholly unfamiliar.
  • After my next appointment, I'll be going to the Birth Center once per week until showtime.
Now it's off to two different shops for baby things, as our layette currently consists of nothing but some baby quilts, a great many onesies, a few bottles, and two pacifiers. Most people, I think, would have more at 33 weeks of pregnancy, but I hate shopping, hate spending money, and think having to do all this work is the pits. I'd say that babies should come complete with all the accessories, except I don't think my womb would accommodate a co-sleeper.

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