Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lactation, Baths, Co-sleeping, Oh My!

Here's what's new in Paloma Land:

I visited with a lactation consultant at the hospital a few days ago because I wanted confirmation that Paloma was latching on properly during breastfeeding. The good news is that she is latching on. The bad news is that she, in the words of the lactation consultant, "drinks like a gourmand instead of a barracuda." Me? I want a barracuda baby, but we parents don't always get what we want. I know one woman who pumped for the first six months of her second baby's life because that baby simply would not take the breast, no matter how hard they tried and how many medical professionals she consulted. I'm glad that Paloma will take the breast at least a little bit at each feed! I'm also glad that I haven't experienced any of the soreness that people talk about. Breastfeeding doesn't hurt, my boobs don't hurt... yay!


Tedd gave Paloma a bath yesterday. I'll freely admit that bathing our baby is still a harrowing experience for me because she's so tiny and floppy and I've even had a dream where Martha Stewart let her fall under the bathwater! Damn you, Martha! It's not that bathing a baby is complicated; rather, it's that she doesn't quite care for it yet and I'm just trying to get it over with as quickly as possible. Thankfully, we don't have to do it very often because it's not as if Paloma is out in the fields running amok in the mud.

Sleepy time

In other news, Paloma is awake more during the day and sleeping better at night, thanks in part (we think) to the fact that we are now co-sleeping with the assistance of a First Years product that ensures that she can't roll terribly far and we won't roll onto her. She seems a lot less fussy at night now, which is wonderful for me, as I'm sleepy enough as it is nowadays.


My maternal grandparents came to visit recently to meet their great grandchild for the very first time. These are frugal people, and yet I think my grandmother has spent a ton of money on baby clothes in various sizes from newborn to 18+ months! They spent the majority of their visit holding the baby, which was wonderful for me, as it allowed me to get some things done during the day when Paloma wanted to be entertained or held. I wonder what other relatives might like to come and play with my baby?


Finally, Paloma is now big enough to fit into her stroller without my having to worry about her floppy head putting a kink in her airway, which means walks for the both of us when the temp is hovering around (or over) 50F. I adore walking and have missed it in recent days, particularly as walking is my absolute favorite form of exercise. I am still carrying around my last 10 pounds of pregnancy weight -- I started at 124 and am currently 134 -- so I'd rather like to start getting some more exercise each day.

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