Saturday, March 7, 2009

Life With a Babby

  • We took Paloma for her first walk in her stroller today, but she seemed kind of uncomfortable in the infant seat. We actually wondered if she was experiencing obstructive apnea (a kinked windpipe) due to the way she was sitting. I wish there were more old fashioned pram-type strollers where she could lay flat instead of having to sit up, as she has less neck strength than a full-term baby would.
  • Paloma now weighs 5 pounds, 3 ounces, and this pleases me greatly. I'll be even happier when her weight equals and then surpasses my birth weight, 5 pounds, 6 ounces.
  • The three hour feeding schedule is killing me, but on the upside I'm watching so much more television. Wait, is that an upside? Paloma likes to eat while watching TV, especially at night -- I think because I'm more relaxed and awake -- and that means we're looking for show recommendations (old or new). I'm digging on comedies at the moment because it just seems wrong to watch something scary at four a.m. with a baby attached to my breast.
  • NUK nipples make Paloma spit up, and low-flow nipples don't do it for her. This is because the hospital uses one kind of nipple for everything from preemies to 18-month-old babies. Paloma started using a relatively high-flow nipple right from the start, which means that she's using Stage 2 nipples at three weeks of age.
  • My mom is coming to visit tomorrow, since the hub has to go back to work. Honestly, his returning to work terrifies me... not because I can't handle childcare on my own (I have six younger siblings, yo) but rather because I think I'm going to get lonely. Plus, the whole feeding dance -- diaper change, make bottle, breastfeed, bottle feed, pump, clean up gear, clean up baby -- is going to take so much longer when I'm doing it solo. I'm not sure how comfortable I am breastfeeding in front of my mom. Is that weird?
  • Also, zombie baby:


  1. You like the british Teevees, yes? If you can find it, grab "Absolute Power" - Stephen Fry as the head of a PR agency. MASH without a laugh track is an astounding experience, though one you might tire of pretty quickly. Eureka is a blast, too, if you're in a wacky scifi mood.

    Also, Angela says, and I'm not sure how the hell to spell this, "WOWZABOOBIES." I offer no editorial comment on the matter.

  2. Awesome, thank you. We will check these things out!

  3. I thought I had recommended The Good Life, but possibly not. It's about a British couple who live in a posh London suburb and turn their backyard into a farm.


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