Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Name Is Earl and Breastfeeding

There's something odd about Paloma when it comes to eating, whether she's breastfeeding or bottle feeding. She eats best when we're sitting in front of an episode of My Name Is Earl. Seriously, it must be something about Jason Lee's voice, because she latches right on when we sit down to watch one of the many episodes we have. I shudder to think what we'll do when we finally run out of episodes. Will Paloma breastfeed as well in front of LOST or Star Trek or Doctor Who?

Also, I don't recall asking the hospital to give us a baby that spits up all the time. The baby we had at the hospital spit up maybe twice, and each time it was just a tiny teaspoon's worth of barf. The Paloma we came home with has gotten some great feeds in lately, but she's also getting quite adept at spitting up some portion of her meal, which means she's also dirtying up 10,000 undershirts, bibs, and burp cloths each day.

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