Friday, March 27, 2009

Overnight Feedings: A High Calamity Index Evening

Last night's feedings weren't fun. First, Paloma only breastfed for 10 minutes or so at 1 a.m., and as she's still a slow eater (her due date isn't until tomorrow) that means she didn't get all that much to eat. Plus, her being a preemie has led to her hunger cues being out of whack. Unlike most full-term babies, she won't necessarily wake right up when her stomach is empty, which means it's our job to make sure she has frequent and large enough meals throughout the day. When she doesn't eat in the middle of the night, I usually end up crying while pumping as some classic movie musical plays itself out in the background.

Then at 4 a.m., Paloma spit up a huge amount of breast milk, which was streaming down her neck and into her shirt. In my efforts to disengage myself from my pumping equipment so I could catch some of the mess with a burp cloth, I managed to knock over two bottles of EBM (i.e., expressed breast milk), which seeped under the glass bit of our family room's coffee table. At that point, I went upstairs, woke Tedd, and just said "I need help." He held her upright while I went downstairs to clean breast milk off of the carpet and the coffee table, then I came back and changed her clothes. Only then could I pump, which meant the whole production lasted ages.

The only nice thing about last night was that we broke in the portable co-sleeper, which is a sort of bed with hard sides that goes right on our bed and ensures that we won't roll onto Paloma and she won't roll into us or off the bed. I thought that she might be so fussy at night because she's lonely, and she seemed so content to sleep between us so perhaps I was right.

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