Sunday, April 12, 2009

Two-Week-Old Baby? Kind of!

It's terribly difficult to believe that Paloma turned eight weeks old yesterday. It's especially difficult as her pre-term birth status makes it so she's much more like a two week old than an eight week old. For example, we're only just now moving from Newborn outfits to 0-3 Month size outfits. She is smiling a whole lot more, however, and will even mimic our smiles. Observe:

Paloma is learning to smile

My dad (aka Paloma's pop-pop) came to visit this past week, and I do hope he had a lovely time watching the baby when I'd hand her off saying something like "I have so much work to do." Because I did have a great deal of work to do, which was disappointing because I'd rather hoped to spend more time talking to my dad. I know he was rather bored during some of the week, but that was more a function of his being used to constant activity while at home.


That said, visits while fun can be stressful, unless it's my mom since she kind of fades into the background: working, cleaning, and buying groceries. Having my dad here did tire me out a bit.

Who's tired?

But that didn't stop me and Paloma from visiting with yet another lactation consultant. This one advocates "baby led latching." While I'm not sure I subscribe to the notion of making Paloma crawl up my stomach to my breast -- which, amazingly, she can; I watched her do it -- every time she wants a snack, I have had a great deal of luck letting her take the lead when it's chow time. Previously, I was apparently being a touch rough in my attempts to get her to take the breast. Now I let her root around a bit until she decides it's time to latch on, and this usually takes less than 30 seconds. We get a great latch, neither of us is frustrated, and I don't end up in tears. We're also supplementing with the bottle less during the day, so I'm not so bummed out at night if she decides the boob isn't for her at that feeding and I have to fix her a bottle.

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