Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Baby: Odds and Ends

Today I learned how to dismantle the car seat to clean off all the bits. I had to do this because Paloma decided to spit up on the car seat, and when I say spit up, I mean vomit profusely in a projectile manner into all the bits with crevices. I did what I could to clean the straps with baby wipes, and everything that could come off went into the washer on the delicate cycle. Pukesplosions usually happen when I'm trying to force food into this baby or she falls asleep at the breast. Funny how every lactation consultant has told me to let Paloma fall asleep at the breast, yet every time she does, BOOM.

Paloma eats one food: Breastmilk. So how is it that she has these rank, eggy farts all the time? The last two days have been especially ripe... so much so that I find myself explaining to anyone nearby that it's her farting, not me. I bet no one believes me, and they all think I "dealt it." Of course, Paloma's face just about gives it away every time. She obviously pooted:

Paloma is becoming a person

I am afraid to contemplate having another baby. Oh, I like the idea of acquiring another baby. After all, the one I have is great, so why wouldn't I want another. I'd just like to receive that baby fully formed at a drop-off location instead of going through pregnancy and giving birth. Not that I didn't find pregnancy and birth fascinating! Rather, I'm petrified of having another, possibly earlier, preemie. Reading things like blog posts about preemie problems doesn't exactly help, even if I can name many famous preemies as a result:
  • Jean Jacques Rousseau
  • Sir Isaac Newton
  • John Keats
  • Charles Darwin
  • Charles Wesley
  • Victor Hugo
  • Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Daniel Webster
  • Mark Twain/Samuel Clemens
  • Anna Pavlova
  • Pierre Renoir
  • Winston Churchill
  • Albert Einstein
Time to think about adoption as a serious option? I do know that when it does come time to contemplate another kiddo, we are going to spend some serious time consulting with doctors and/or midwives to see what we can do (bed rest, progesterone injections) to prevent another preterm arrival.

That said, I want to give March of Dimes a zillion dollars now and I am so grateful for all of the research that has contributed to me having a healthy preterm baby!

Me and the P


  1. Alex was preterm, as was David (being the evil 1/2 of a set of surprise identical twins).

    I've never gotten the impression it's hampered either of them overmuch. :D

  2. Regarding the farts, the question you need to be asking is what have you been eating the past two days that gave her the farts. :D

    I am totally with you on the wanting that 2nd child but worrying about birth complications. I desperately want to give birth the normal way but am afraid all my babies will be giants who grow too fast to turn and end up having to be cut out.


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