Thursday, May 14, 2009


Gosh, it's always wah-wah-wah on this blog! I should mention that today Jess and I went to the mall to use the Build-A-Bear gift cards Kristina bought for us. I bought Paloma a velvet bear named Dovey Bear:

And a big eared rabbit named Zoe Bunny:

The first is stuffed quite full, as that seemed the safest option. Not that she'll play with it any time soon, mind you, but once she does she'll be less likely to smother on it. The bunny is less firmly stuffed, so rather more cuddly.

I also bought Paloma another little present at the Babies 'R' Us... one of those odd looking security blankets combined with an animal, so what you get is a head and arms with nothing on the bottom but blanket. Little kids seem to love them, though honestly they look like weird pastel ghosts to me.

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