Thursday, May 14, 2009

Look to the Left!

We've noticed as of late that Paloma tends to favor one gaze direction when sitting up, which has put thoughts of torticollis into our heads.

"Any inability to straighten the head or inability to turn his/her head both directions equally could be torticollis."

We've been trying to encourage Paloma to turn her head in both directions (both when held and during tummy time) by offering stimuli and getting down onto her level, but she seems pretty resistant. It's only during feeding times that she's really willing to turn her head in the non-favored direction, so we know that she can do it. But when she is sitting up and I try to turn her head, I definitely encounter resistance. There's also the fact that she abhors tummy time and will almost always fight to keep her head turned to the left when not lifting it.

Luckily, I have a date with the pediatrician tomorrow, so I can ask him about it. If she does have torticollis, I pray that it is not the acquired kind, which is usually indicative of neurological problems or tumors.

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  1. Your PED will likely give you a consult with a physical therapist - who will be better suited to telling you what it is. If you find it is harder to turn her head in one direction than the other - meaning you can feel the resistance yourself - then she probably has it to some extent. Not to worry! It doesn't mean she has the neurological issues. Ev just wrapped up his therapy after 3 months, and he had it severe enough that it was causing his skull to be asymmetrical.

    I'm sure that Paloma will be fine and if anything you'll just need to do the three basic therapy exercises while she's lying down. Which are to: 1) turn her head in the harder direction and count to 15 for 3 reps 3 times a day 2) with her face looking up at you tilt her head in the harder direction so that her ear touches her shoulder and count to 15 for 3 reps 3 times a day and then once she's better at those 3) combine the moves for the same reps and durations. These help lengthen and strengthen the muscles.


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