Thursday, May 7, 2009

Traveling With Baby

I feel like I'm getting used to having Paloma in our lives... and in the house. Of course, now that I've written that sentence, it's likely that my baby's head will start turning all the way around while something akin to pea soup sprays out. Change is the only constant -- isn't that what they say? I just need to keep reminding myself of that. Today, Paloma nursed like a champ. I hardly pumped at all (on the advice of two LCs), and it seems like she has an easier time getting the milk because there's more there for her. Tomorrow, however, might be a completely different story. We shall see!

In other news, we bought plane tickets for Paloma's first plane flight. In August we'll be attending my grandmother's 80th birthday party in Merritt Island, Florida. Hopefully Paloma will be as chill on the plane as she is at almost all other times so we are not the "baby on a plane" people that drive other passengers out of their minds. Personally, I've never minded the sound of a baby crying -- is that harsh? -- but I know it really irritates some people. But if Paloma does turn out to be the screaming plane baby, my fellow passengers can suck it. Short of offering the usual comforts or trying the breast, the bottle, or the binky, there's not a lot one can do to quiet a distraught baby other than wait it out.

While in Florida, Paloma will be meeting her aunties:


And her uncles (one is missing from the photo):

Bros (before hoes)

Along with a host of great aunts and great uncles and cousins of mine that are who knows what to her... second cousins? Cousins once removed? It should be a great time, and there's a chance that some of my cousins may have babies of their own close to her age. I'm not sure who has procreated lately, but in my family the one constant is procreation!

So, does anyone have any tips for traveling via air with baby?

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  1. I think your cousins' children are her cousins once removed. any how... air travel - don't gate check anything! just use a baby carrier - ergo worked great with B for getting through security. have her nurse/feed/suck on something for take-off and landing. if you can, use an extra thick diaper - a florida flight should be ok - often planes don't have changing tables, or the babies don't fit on them. if I think of anything else I'll email.


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