Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Baby Weight: In a month of almost exlusive nursing -- less exclusive than I thought, actually -- Paloma gained 1.75 pounds. (What, you thought I was going to talk about my baby weight? I lost that ages ago.) She still gets the occasional bottle since Tedd is willing to give it in the dead of night or early morning, and I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. However, I am usually the one to get up overnight because every time I stop, I start spotting. Apparently it's when baby starts sleeping overnight that menstruation starts up again. Icky!

Which brings us to:

Sleeping Through the Night: Paloma sort of sleeps through the night now, or at least has for two days in a row. Recently, she was only waking up once between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. That was fine by me. Sometimes I'd feed her, sometimes Tedd would feed her, and sometimes I'd get up and pump a little while he fed so I wouldn't look like a porn star the next morning. Lately, Paloma has gone to bed at 10ish and stayed asleep until about 5-6 a.m. I like this, but there is the whole period thing.

Decreased sleep or 5 days of bleeding... decreased sleep or vaginal bleeding. Huh.

Torticollis: The pedi says that Paloma doesn't have torticollis, though she does show a slight preference for one side and has a slight flat spot on her little ol' head. He recommended stretching and an Infant Head Bed, which is sort of like a partial doughnut pillow that babies can't smother on while sleeping. It just takes the pressure off and makes it easier for us to manipulate her head while Paloma is asleep. More tummy time (or as we like to call it, "torture time") is indicated. Joy.

Which brings us to:

Early Intervention: Our original once per month plan is now a once every week or every two weeks plan. We are not afraid to say that we need help in the tummy time/toy department. It may just be that Paloma is only technically 7 weeks old -- that's her adjusted age -- but she's just not that into playtime yet.

And finally:

Vomit: Paloma can launch her spit up a whole foot and a half. Pretty rad, yeah?


  1. I am a terrible mother, but my son insisted on sleeping on his belly from day 1, so we let him. For the first several months he shared a room with me and/or my sister, so it wasn't so bad. We just didn't give him a pillow, and all of his blankets / bed toys / etc always wound up by his feet no matter WHAT we did, so we figured he was OK. The only time he would sleep in another position is if he was sleeping with me - then he would curl up into me as close as possible, thereby shoving me out of my twin-size bed (laying on my side, no less!).

  2. Might I suggest my strategy for overcoming the tummy time terrors? One day I decided to just leave him on his tummy... he got mad, he cried, he screamed bloody murder and then he fell asleep. It was hard to not flip him during all of that but I wanted him to see that being on the tummy wasn't hurting him. And I really feel that my reaction of immediately flipping him to his back was part of the problem. After that tummy time wasn't a big problem at all. He was fine on it for longer and longer periods and never got so upset about it again.


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