Monday, June 8, 2009

Co-Sleeping: The End of an Era?

Today we moved the crib from my office into the bedroom. We are going to put Paloma down to sleep in it tonight instead of in between us in the bed where she's been sleeping since just after she came home from the NICU. A combination of factors is contributing to the change. Tedd, I know, would like to have a bit more space to move around in. It's getting warmer, which means the bed is getting warmer with all of us in it. And Paloma (perhaps most importantly) has recently started sort of backward inchworming down the bed, which freaks me out because it means she could get herself twisted in either my or Tedd's blankets while we're asleep.

Her crib is mere inches from my side of the bed, but I am crying my eyes out nonetheless. I worry so much that she'll be scared or lonley or sad all alone in her big crib When she's sleeping between us, she can look in either direction and we're right there. In her crib, she'll still see us, but through the slats, and we'll be relatively far away. In the bed, I wake up as soon as she starts to stir, which means she almost never has to cry to get her early morning meal. In the crib? Who knows if I'll hear her before she starts to get upset.



  1. It'll be hard the first few nights, but you'll both be okay.

  2. I just sent you a message on Facebook. It sounds like you are the perfect candidate for an Arm's Reach Co-sleeper!

  3. Just a warning about that doesn't work if you have a bed frame. Ours is attached to the side of the bed but it's more like a bassinet than a real extension of the mattress because we can't get it snug against the side. We had to buy the leg extenders too. It's still a good compromise to a crib but it may not be as magic as advertised.


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