Sunday, July 5, 2009

Developmental Milestones Ain't All Fun and Games

Here's a lesson for all the new parents out there: Babies change overnight. Or at least they change when you're not paying attention, which may be quite often depending on whether your baby sleeps through the night.

Playtime with the P.

Paloma, for example, used to be totally portable. Snap her in her carseat, pop her in the stroller base, and you were as good as gone. She'd sleep through trips to the mall, to other people's houses, to the park... you name it. Then one day, without warning, she developed an awareness of her environment. Now when she wakes up in a location that is not her home, her tolerance for staying there varies based on how well she has napped that day. No nap yet today coupled with loud wind and the excitement of an outing to the park led to a minor meltdown.

Okay, so we've learned that Paloma needs her daily nap. As in us parental people are from hereon in going to have to enforce something like a schedule, oy. I can't even begin to imagine what spending a week in Florida will be like unless we can convince Paloma that Florida is actually home.

Diaper rash necessitates nakey time

On the other hand, it's not all bad. Paloma rolled over intentionally for the first time on July 4 and from that point forward, she was a rolling machine. It happened when we had her laying out naked on the living room floor to let her poor little undercarriage air out -- mild diaper rash, another change! This morning, she did a complete roll, from back to front and then from front to back. It was only just last week that she started rolling onto her side all by herself, and now this. Next stop, military crawl?

Tedd decides to see how easy it is to set up the Joovy Room2

And finally, speaking of Florida, our Joovy Room2 arrived and I can safely report that it is awesome. It's big enough that Paloma won't outgrow it quickly. Heck, she and a friend will fit into it just fine.

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