Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Where'd My Sweet Babby Go?

Paloma is five months old today. Five months she has been on this planet, and now that we're past the living dead stage of sleep deprivation and the projectile puking stage and this baby can breastfeed, I can honestly say that things are smooth sail...

Oh, wait, no. Because being five months old means being a tiny human being with wants and needs and *gasp* preferences, as opposed to being a vaguely human-colored lump that is content to snooze in a car seat while momma decides whether she really needs those yesterday's bake cupcakes from the supermarket discount bin.

Truly I am sad to announce that the world's happiest baby has become a moderately fussy baby who simply must have at least one nap per day and doesn't like being out of the house and would rather not be poked by two-year-olds, thankyouverymuch.

Nakey time is smiley time

Maybe it's my fault for being such a braggart. I was always quick to tell anyone who'd listen about my never unhappy wunderkind, the baby who never, ever fussed and would happily let anyone hold her. That ultra-light portable infant who'd fall asleep at the drop of a hat. A baby who was all smiles, all the time.

Tell me where that baby went, please, because the changeling I've been given in its place is, while admittedly quite lovable, a handful.


  1. hah! Just wait until she starts crawling all over the darned place from room to room and wants to chew electrical cords. Just wait!

  2. I think I will writing this exact same post in two months. That's what we get for bragging about our happy, easy babies.


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