Thursday, August 20, 2009

Paloma Goes Even More Places

On thing about going to Florida is that we think it cured Paloma of some of her stranger anxiety. You see, Paloma and her momma don't do all that much socializing. Partly, it's because the momma -- that's me -- has work to do. Being able to work from home is a joy when it's not a curse. Sometimes I hate that I can't devote every waking moment to my baby. But money? Yeah, I like money. And part of it is money... I'd love to be a lady who lunches, but I can't exactly afford it. And it's hot and getting out of the house means makeup and finding clothes that look kind of nice and getting into the car, blah blah blah.

So anyway, two days after we get back from Florida, we're wakinf up at dawn-o'-clock, strapping the Pidge in her carseat, and driving to Bridgeport to catch a ferry. Going on the ferry makes me nervous and I vow to spend the trip topside, as near to the lifeboats as possible. Unfortunately, Paloma is hungry when we get on the boat, which means nursing in the hold. I didn't have a nursing cover and I'm not skilled at nursing on the sly. My arms, my boobs, and Paloma's squirmy self just don't match up right. However, we're both fans of the crosslegged with baby on a pillow and momma fully exposed way of doing things, so I like a little privacy.

On the ferry

Luckily, no boats were harmed during the crossing of the sound, and we had a nice time doing laps around what was a fairly crowded ferry. A lot of sun and a lot of wind did mean sticking to the overlook where people smoke, so I was constantly moving to avoid the fumes. Other than that, Paloma was once again a perfect angel both in the car and on the boat. Thankfully!


New York was good, but uneventful. Paloma enjoyed visiting with her Babushka and Grandma Katie and her great-grandparents, who I'm certain have a German title, but I don't know what it is. I guess I should ask. Even though many people held the baby, she didn't get anywhere near as fussy as she did in Florida. I think being away for a while and getting unfamiliarity rammed down her gullet was a good thing. We should probably start exposing her to new things more regularly, but where to go and what to do other than, um, the mall? It's not exactly thrilling for moi.


Much like the great jellyfish debacle of the previous weekend, we were lucky enough to have just happened to have gone inside just before the skeeters started biting everyone. I personally am allergic to many sorts of bug bites. They don't kill me, but that itchy red bump that disappears from Tedd's limbs in a day or two remains on me for about two weeks. Ouch.


However, before we retreated indoors, we got some nice photos of four generations of family females. Someday a teenage or perhaps grown-up Paloma is going to look at those pictures and wonder about a past she won't be able to remember. That is, of course, why we take so many photos!


  1. Yep -- in fact, Erin is coming to visit with her daughter!


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