Tuesday, September 1, 2009

All the News That's Fit to Gum

...and we have TEETH! Or more specifically, a tooth. The bottom left one. I only noticed it on Auguest 31 when I had my finger in Paloma's mouth for whatever reason. Most probably because she put it there, like she puts everything else in there. I dread the day she starts crawling because she'll suddenly have access to all sorts of new things that we don't actually want covered in drool. Anyway, Paloma's tiny bud of a tooth is sharp but hasn't seemed to bother her until just today, which could be a result of our messing with it. Getting a picture won't be possible until it has come a bit further out since she waggles her tongue every time we try to look at her gums. She may have a great future as a KISS impersonator.

'Someone behind me? I'm not falling for that old gag!'

Working from home has been interesting lately, since I have a new client I'm working with and they're feeding me work in dribs and drabs. Not knowing when those dribs and drabs will come in is sometimes tough, but I appreciate the work.

Chow time?

It hasn't helped that the baby who recently learned to play by herself has been ultra-needy in the past couple of days. Is that a sign of teething? My mother says yes. Basically, I've had a baby attached to my hip except when I managed to put her down to powerwork or I'm feeding her. I just keep telling myself that someday Paloma will push me away when I try to kiss on her, so I better enjoy all this babylovin' while I still can.

And Paloma has been pretty good about letting other people love on her, even five-year-olds!

Paloma and Emma

In other news, Paloma has been chowing down on some serious oatmeal (mixed with breastmilk). She's still not a huge fan of other foods, in particular peas, which cause her to make horrible faces. We've been trying to coordinate feeding with times in which Paloma is a little peckish but not too hungry so she learns to associate eating with... well, eating. Some luck has been had in this area, with Paloma finishing all of her oatmeal on one occasion.

Oatmeal time is yummy time

Finally, here's something that's been weighing on my mind. Paloma probably weighs around 13 or 14 pounds now. That's a guess since she was almost at 13 about two and a half weeks ago. The Chicco KeyFit 30 can be used until babby weighs 30 pounds, but I don't think we'll make it that far. Paloma is on the tall skinny side -- and may it remain ever so for her sake -- which means that her feet are already near the end of the seat. 

I'm not sure how fast she'll grow from hereon in, but I could see her outgrowing it before she reaches 30 pounds*. Our options, of course, are a convertable booster that can sit rear facing until 40 pounds then front facing until 50 or a belt adjuster booster that is front facing and starts at 40 but will last until 100 pounds. The quandary is do we opt for the convertable seat so she can stay rear-facing as long as possible? This seems like the safest option, but it does mean buying a second booster down the line. Thoughts!

*UPDATE 1/5/12: As of her last appointment, she still hadn't reached 30 pounds. We used the infant seat until she was close to 18 months old. Beat that!


  1. Perhaps Babiesaurus will have another exchange in future years, so when she's ready you can hand in the convertable for the booster?

  2. Paloma, who was extraordinarily beautiful to begin with, just keeps getting more gorgeous!!!!
    I think I'd go with the option that entails a separate booster - you can get the evenflo ones for less than 40$. Once they are big enough for boosters, it's really just for proper positioning of the seatbelt, so it doesn't need to do your taxes or wipe her butt...
    B-man has gotten really clingy of late too - phases and stages, it's all going to change, I try not to stress about it. You're doing great!

  3. We had that problem three or four months ago with Ev. I researched and funnily enough it's not considered "a good enough reason" to turn them early if they are Giant Baby and their legs are touching the seat or are even bent. We opted for the convertable so he could be rear facing longer. I figure when we have two babies we'll have the other car seat on hand.

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  5. We ordered one of those convertible seats last week, as Theo is days away from outgrowing his Snugride infant seat. This is the best deal that I could find for one that is convertible--$99:


    It's available in other colorways from Safety 1st, too--e.g.:


    I saw your fb message and would love to get together soon. Let's set something up!

    p.s. If you order from babyage (they had the best prices on that seat last week), enter "rchains" at checkout and they'll give you $5 off if it's your first purchase with them. :)

  6. Jess: Very true! I think we're going to hand over the old jogger our neighbor gave us to buy the convertible.

    Mira: Thank you :-)

    Audrey: I've read the same thing. Better their legs be kind of squished, apparently. If Paloma had been over 5 pounds at birth, we would have gone straight for the convertible seat since most start at 5.

    Rebecca: Thanks for the recommendation!

  7. I have very detailed questions about the oatmeal mixed with breastmilk. Do you heat it up? Is it just regular oatmeal or do you grind it up? Baby Evan is having a growth spurt right now and I feel like he could really use the extra calories from something other than my boob.

    I've also been looking at car seats, as our Chicco only goes up to 22 lbs and Baby Evan is currently 18 and change. We're going to go rear-facing as long as possible, especially since the recommendation is 20 lbs AND 1 year and we're not even half way to 12 months. I'm going to check out the ones recommended in your comments!

  8. bebehblog:

    -- We warm the breastmilk to room temperature, so it's not actually warm.

    -- It's baby oatmeal (just something from the supermarket), and quite finely ground. Almost powdery.

    Good luck with the car seat shopping. Let me know which one you get!

  9. behbehblog, they're now recommending rear-facing to *at least* two years, which is why I just got a convertible seat for my 11.5-month-old.



    The reason, which is not being highly publicized because (I suspect) it's such a horrible thing to contemplate, is this: forward-facing babies under two have died in low-impact accidents because their heads are so heavy, their brain stems detach.




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