Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Not-So-Brief Update (With Pictures!)

Another tooth later (that's two, in total) we have reached a new poop stage, specifically the stage in which poop goes from being this liquidy, movie theatre popcorn butter scented stuff that needs no pre-wash attention to a semi-stinky, somewhat more solid mass that needs to be scraped out of the diaper before it can be put into the laundry. I blame the carrots, since the prunes and the oatmeal were not having this effect.


Or perhaps Paloma's poop has changed because she now eats more food. Sometimes even an entire container at a sitting! I guess it's time to look into one of those sink sprayers that lets you shoot dookies into the toilet so as not to grossify your wash. And if we're going to have icky stools anyway, I really should go to the market so I can get some fruits and veggies to put in our shiny new mesh feeder.

On the mobility front, there's this:

This means it's time to start childproofing for real. Yay? Nuts? We were kind of enjoying the freedom of a less-than-seriously-mobile child. But, no, really, yay! Go Pidge! What is that, a military crawl? I swear she gets better at it by the minute.

Still Paloma continues to prefer her stroller as a means of getting from here to there, especially now that she has a fancy Quinny Buzz 3, complements of her Babushka.


A quick review might read: "Pros: Smooth riding, handles crap concrete well, looks cool, super comfy seat, can face person pushing pram, easy to put together and take apart, inflatable wheels, bug guard, rain shield, adjustable handle height. Cons: Sun shade isn't particularly adjustable, tiny shopping basket, cup holder costs $20, front wheel isn't inflatable." We like it and it will grow with Paloma, which is what is really important. Someday, perhaps, we will have another wee one, and we can explore the bassinet attachment.

So where do we roll to when we roll? To the park, for one!


I didn't think she would, being so little still, but Paloma really digs the swings.


What else, what else... it's high time we got with the tooth care program, since it seems there is a third tooth pressing its way into the world, agitating Paloma in the process. We have a little finger cap brush set with baby toothpaste. And then there is Paloma's new sleeping pattern, which hopefully will end soon. Instead of sleeping from 8:30 p.m. to 5 a.m. like she used to, she's waking up bright eyed at around 3-4 a.m. and wanting to play. Who invented noisy crib toys, anyway? Because I hate them.

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