Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sleeping, Baby Food, Developmental Milestones, and More

It's been a weird week. We put the baby swing away a few days ago because while Paloma wasn't exactly too big for it, she had pretty much no interest in sitting quietly in it. She's now an exersaucer and jumperoo baby rather than a I'm-content-to-sit-and-watch-the-world baby. This chick wants to be moving, but she has no fear so were it not for our careful hands (and occasionally straps) she'd be pitching herself off laps and pillows and out of stroller seats.

Wide stance

Meanwhile, Paloma has a new nightime schedule... one that involves waking up multiple times, a little screaming, wanting to play at 4 in the morning, and other good stuff like that. We are not fans of this new schedule, which replaces the lovely one where she slept from 8:30 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. and then fell right ack asleep until around 7 a.m. That meant everyone got plenty of shut-eye. Since I can sleep in if Paloma chooses to, I tend to handle the nighttime upsets (be they good or bad), which means I'm laying on the playmat in the living room half listening to BBC radio while Paloma shakes rattles in the middle of the night. Oy. Last night wasn't so bad, though. She only woke twice, ate both times, and went back to sleep (in her own bed) relatively quickly.

In other news, Paloma has these new hilarious poops that come out as a wad and stick to her butt. I just pluck them off in one sticky piece with a wipe, meaning no having to scrape solids into the toilet. Ah, the joys of cloth diapering. When I'm doing a load of laundry each night I tell myself that I'm saving money in the long run, especially since washing diapers every day means that we can do one wash on cold with nothing more than an extra rinse cycle. Waiting to wash, I've discovered, means we're left with an odor unless we do a pricey dance of hot-cold-hot or something like that.

'Gimme some food, fool!'

I've been thinking lately of how big and fun and interesting (and interested!) Paloma has gotten in the past few months. She sits, she commando crawls, and she eats, at least a little when she's in a good mood. I'm not terribly worried about her pickiness when it comes to babyfood, since at under 14 pounds, I'm pretty sure she's still getting most of her nutrition from breastmilk.

We're working on object permanence, hiding toys under blankets and such, but I'm not sure she gets it yet. The nice thing about not having object permanence is that Paloma has no expectations, which means I can leave the room without her getting automatically sad. That can apparently start happening once babies realize that they can't see you, but you're still there, so WHY AREN'T YOU HOLDING THEM, DAMN IT?

Now she just needs to find the baby car

It's funny, with all the changes happening I haven't ever really thought "She's changing so fast" or "Where did the time go?" I credit my awareness of Paloma's development with Early Intervention. That's not to say I've played a grand hand in Paloma's changing from a preemie into an infant into a baby, but I think I've helped a little with assistant from our awesome occupational therapist. Nothing comes as a surprise, whether it's grasping or passing an object from hand to hand or sitting, since encouraging these things has been our weekly homework. Except, I suppose, for the commando crawling, which Paloma just started doing one day about five seconds after her Auntie Jess had gone home.


  1. Hi your daughter is very gorgeous :)

    im just commenting because i love your blog.

    Me and some friends have just started doing a blog about pregnancy, labour and parenting and it has stories and links to other blogs and things too.

    We only just started it recently but were looking around for people who would like for us to put a link to their blog on ours.

    It would be helpful for other parents or pregnant women and woudl give them ideas and information etc.

    come check it out if you want ;)

    thankyou, Aussie mum

  2. Please do link to me, Aussie mum! I'll do the same in return.

  3. all my friends ditched the idea on me :( and i dont really have enough time to do it all by myself. Thankyou anyways and im sorry for the inconvenience.

    hopefuly if i can get some more people to help we can start it again

    this is my blog for my son.



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