Monday, November 2, 2009

You Suck, Teeth

Gah. I'm hating teeth so much right now that I'm thinking about taking a hammer to my own just to show teeth who is boss 'round here. Paloma's adorable little bottom choppers? Came in without a peep from her, as if there were already pre-set holes for them to pop up through. The two, possibly four, front top teeth, on the other hand, are giving her hell. And when something is giving Paloma hell, she passes on the hell to us. She's gone from this...

Baby knows what she likes being one sad babby. She can harldy nap in the daytime because her teeth keep waking her up. Chilly teething toys can only work so much magic. Homemade teething toasts are more fun than functional. And stupid momma and daddy keep forgetting about a little thing called Tylenol, oops.

What this means is that momma spends a lot more time holding Paloma than working, which is what she needs to be doing for at least part of the day. Not that I mind cuddling with her, since soon enough will come the day where she pushes me away instead of clinging to me with all of the tenacity of a little barnacle. Plus, she's just so damn cute.

Ever get the feeling you're being watched?

Cute enough to ensure that we don't leave her at a foundling home when she wakes us up fifteen times a night and can finally only be consoled by taking her into our bed where she only sleeps if I let her sleep rather more closely to me than the AAP recommends for safe slumbering.

But we aren't going to let a little thing like teething and being awake all night and hardly napping AT ALL stop us from doing things like learning to swim, right?. Er, make that learning to spend time in the water without crying or whining or squirming too much. Seriously, though, water acclimation at the YMCA has been great. Bathtime used to be a bit much for Paloma.

I explain how it's done. She doesn't listen.

When I bathed her today -- after a poopsplosion that indicated it's time to switch our BumGenius one size diapers to the next set of snaps -- Paloma was kicking her legs and splashing with her hands and generally having a fine old time in the tub. The only reason I removed her was that the water was getting a wee bit chilly.

I'm sure you're all wondering what Paloma was for Halloween. She was a momma kangaroo, and we have a number of photographs to prove it, including this one that came out pretty much how most pictures of multiple babies come out.

This kind of picture almost always looks like this

In other words, with all of the babies staring off in different directions and looking mildly confused or, worse, disturbed enough to begin bawling at any moment. I kid, I kid. Paloma loves having her picture taken with friends, see?

Playtime with friends


  1. I don't know if you're as gullible as I am, but I swear by the amber teething necklace we bought Baby Evan. The days I remember to put it on him seem to go much smoother than the necklace free days, and we're dealing with the same evil top teeth you are.

  2. I'm intrigued, Suzanne. Where'd you get it?


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