Tuesday, December 22, 2009

An Update For All Those Wondering Where the Heck We Got To

It just occurred to me that I haven't written anything here in quite a while, mostly due to the fact that my time has occupied by freelance work, watching other people's babies, actively stimulating the development of my own, worrying about the holidays, getting stranded for a day in Port Jefferson, NY, obsessing about how I hardly have any time for my regular work, and puttering about on the Internet like an old fool with nothing better to do. And reading books like The Historian (fabu!) and An Echo In the Bone (extra extra fabu!). Oh, and putting together a birthday present for Paloma's babushka that is going to make her weep once she actually gets it. You might have guessed, but it's babby related.

The fact that all my best photos have been oriented vertically instead of horizontally like I like them hasn't helped my mommy blogging motivations, either.


So where did we get to? Last I wrote, Paloma had just hit the nine month mark and was eating all sorts of interesting things... we'd recently put away her mobile and I was hoping to find her some of that fancy H1N1 vaccine. Well recently I decided she was too big for her activity gym since all she wants to do is pull to a stand on it and it is not sturdy enough to be used for that purpose. Aaaand I did find some H1N1 vaccine for her, along with the seasonal flu vaccine. Her tolerance for those was a blessing. We're lacto-ovo vegetarians, and finally knowing that I could feed her eggs was loveliness indeed. We even got the go ahead from a nurse, though she stressed she could only advocate eggs unofficially. Now Paloma downs quiche and cheese omelets and souffles. She's turning into a right egg head, actually.

Upside down baby is pleased

What's she eating all those eggs with? Seven sharp teeth, of course, only some of which can be seen in the photo above. We're brushing them as often as we can (and as often as she'll let us). Mostly, Paloma has a real thing for having her teeth brushed, but nowadays she's as likely to chomp down hard on the "brush" as she is to smile while we rub the darn thing around the inside of her mouth in a probably futile attempt to keep her pearly whites white. And white they are! So white that I was inspired to go out and get a tube of cheap-ass whitener. Self improvement, yeah!

My gate. My gate. My gate. Etc.

In other news, Paloma is still pretty small, weighing in at only 14.5 pounds at her nine-month appointment with the pediatrician. But that hasn't stopped her from wowing our Early Intervention occupational therapist! First it was Paloma's transition from pseudo-crawling to regular crawling. Then it was her ability to transition seamlessly from sitting to crawling to other positions. Then it was pulling to a stand and doing a little cruising. Lately, Paloma has been clapping her hands and blowing raspberries, which aren't exactly developmental milestones, but are certainly entertaining.

Er, that's all for now. I have to go work. In the meanwhile, please enjoy this snapshot of a daddy and a daughter:



  1. can't ... move ... babby ... too ... cute!

  2. I'm frequently paralyzed by the cuteness, myself.


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