Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Find Out Tomorrow Whether I'm Abusing My Baby By Raising Her Veg

Tomorrow we'll be visiting with a nutritionist. From what I can gather, our pediatrician refers all his vegetarian patients to the nutritionist, just in case. I'm not particularly worried about Paloma's food intake, except that she eats like the proverbial little bird. But I've read that now is the time to drive home the eat when you're hungry, stop when you're not message, and I've furthermore heard that it's possible to teach babies that eating is a way to satisfy emotional needs quite early. So if Paloma wants to eat like a bird *and* is growing at a rate that satisfies the pediatrician, why should I worry?

After all, she eats a variety of foods each day and seems to enjoy sampling a little bit of what we're having... or a lot of what we're having. Today she went absolutely crazy for a huge bell pepper. I nibbled off a bit of the skin to give her teeth some purchase, then she just dug right in. She's getting quite good at using her teeth to bite off actual pieces of food, though a long enough strip of string cheese will just disappear into her mouth, pasta style.

Flat Cat A and Flat Cat B (Not shown: C and D)

In other news, I've been engaged in "seasoning" another Flatcat in case Flatcat A finds itself misplaced. (Also, Flatcat A is getting pretty grody, what with the smears of baby food and generally drab coloring. Note Flatcat B's fine white pelt.) Seasoning a Flatcat involves shoving Flatcat into my cleavage and wearing him around until he is all stinky and gross like me. And that, people, is a lovey is made.

Next up: Paloma's First Cold


  1. I suspect the Ped sends vegetarians to a nutritionist to catch the people who fail to include non-meat proteins in the child's diet. I recall there being something in the news a few years back about vegetarians and babies who had nutritional deficiencies because the parents thought x was all the kid needed.

  2. Heh, we were just talking about some of those stories over at FB. A lot of those news stories were sensationalistic nonsense about VEGANS KILLING BABIEZ!!1!!! where it was actually mentally ill or abusive parents starving their children, which could happen (and probably has) with non-vegetarian parents as well. It's just that the press latches on to that detail and runs with it, making all parents raising vegetarian babies look a little freaky-deaky.

    We're good on the protein front, being that Paloma gets probably a bit more cheese and eggs than she actually needs since she just loooooooves eggs and cheese.And yogurt and lentils, too.


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