Thursday, January 28, 2010

Paloma's First Cold

It's hard to believe we made it 11.5 months without Paloma getting sick once. Oh, she might have been a touch stuffed up once or twice, but she was never properly ill. Both Tedd and I have been sick in the past year, yet we somehow managed to avoid infecting her while at the same time kissing on her and giving her cuddles. A daily vitamin and breastmilk antibodies are no match for shared pacifiers, however, and Paloma recently had her first tiny baby cold.

As colds go, however, it was relatively mild. We checked once using the ear laser and found no trace of fever, so she missed out on that fun little trip, this time. But, oh, the boogers flooding out of her and the itty-bitty coughs and the nighttime waking that made it awfully difficult for Tedd and I to get the sleep we needed to get better! When baby is sick, no one is allowed to feel good at all, ever, I think. That's the rule, right?

Still, one second did pass in which I wished that Paloma could be just the tiniest bit sicker because her illness was not getting in the way of her need to do laps around the living room. They were just crankier laps. She alternated between playing and getting pissed off, playing and pissed, until I was just about ready to go out of my mind because what she really wanted was for me to sit on the floor next to her. Not to play with her, mind, just to be on the floor as opposed to on a chair. Picky baby.

But if she'd been just the tiniest bit sicker she might have wanted to sit in my lap and cuddle and take things slow while I worked and nursed her and rocked back and forth just a little bit. I never said I wasn't a selfish mama.


  1. Winter colds for babies are no fun. Glad to hear that she hasn't gotten a fever though. That's REALLY not fun.

    Stopping by from SITS to say hello. Your little girl is DARLING!

  2. Thanks, and thanks for stopping by! I'll return the favor in kind, of course.


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