Saturday, January 30, 2010

Standing? Sort of, But She's Cheating

Paloma is all about letting go once she's pulled to a stand nowadays, and I'd absolutely love to show you a video of her doing it. Unfortunately, it's a hard thing to capture when I have better things to do than follow a baby around with a video camera. Instead, I have a video in which it looks like Paloma is standing.

The only problem? She's cheating a bit by leaning slightly on the chair behind her. Perhaps I'm being too picky, but when she's now finding ways to stand just so she can let go and sway gently in the passing air currents I really want to show you the real deal.

(P.S. -- Sorry it's so dark; it was nighttime, yo.)


  1. I don't know if I'd call that 'cheating' :-) When I started skiing at 30 I had a whole new respect for babies learned to walk! She's adorable.

    And thanks for stopping by for a visit!

  2. I suppose you're right -- it can't be easy, Before you can learn to stand, you have to learn how to use your legs! Poor little P., with me expecting so much of her :-)


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