Sunday, January 31, 2010

This Time Last Year

This time last year I was either in Florida or in Spain, I can't remember which. The reason for this lapse in memory was a short turnaround time with regard to trips. I was in Florida, basically to show off my bulging belly to my curious siblings and my proud dad, when I my mom called me up to ask me if I could go to Madrid with her in five days. After a call to Tedd to be sure my passport was valid (which it was since I switched over to my married name after the wedding) and to the Birth Center to ask if it was safe to travel internationally, I called my mom to tell her that Spain was a definite GO.

Three days after Tedd picked me up from the airport, I was on the Acela train to NY, where my mom got us to the airport with plenty of time in which to buy duty-free purses (hee!). And then we were on a flight to Madrid, which is where I took this:

This is what 33 weeks of pregnancy looks like... in Spain!

That was me at 32.5 weeks, never dreaming that I'd be checking into the hospital a week and a half later with contractions and dilation. Just look at my belly -- I wasn't even that big! Heck, we had only just found someone to give us aa private custom birth class, and we were springing for that only because we'd waited so long to find a course that they were all full or overlapped with my due date. Oopsie! But back to my belly. I've looked at that picture more than a few times since Paloma was born and wondered whether maybe she didn't have enough space? I've read that at some point the growing baby exits the confined area of the hip region and grows upward some. Could it be that Paloma never popped up like the little turkey timer she was supposed to be? I assume the midwives and ultrasound techs would have noticed, I suppose... but I feel like I looked awfully small for just about 33 weeks.


  1. maybe? i went back to see if i could find pictures by comparison, and this was me at 28 weeks.

  2. Zowie! You're thinner than me, but I still think I never "popped" that much.

  3. well, i also gave birth to a full grown toddler. if P was born on time she probably just would've been dainty-sized.

  4. Hmm... that does look quite small, but it's different for different people. People didn't know I was preg till about 26 weeks, and I was quite small till about 33 weeks, then I went MASSIVE between 37 and 41 weeks!

    Stopping by from SITS!


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