Friday, February 12, 2010

This Time Last Year Pt. III

In this newest edition of "This Time Last Year," we find that our babyfull heroine's ridiculously awful stomach ache has subsided somewhat. That being the case, she goes to prenatal fitness class, which makes the pangs come back.

After a terrible night and a terrible morning (that would be Friday a.m., so tomorrow if you're keeping track) I finally phone up the North Shore Birth Center to ask if there is any sort of pregnancy-safe drug they can give me to get rid of the infernal pain in my belly. When I inform them that, no, I don't have gas -- hey, they asked! -- they let me know that there's no way they can confirm I am not having contractions and ask me to come in.

An hour or so later, I stroll over.

It's not a stomach ache; it's labor.

I'm dilated.

And scared, too, because I'm being admitted to the hospital, of all things. I've never been admitted to a hospital. Heck, I've never even seen the inside of the hospital save for the lobby, a conference room, and the cafeteria! I was scheduled for a tour, but that was a week away.

They make me ride in a wheelchair, which is slightly embarrassing.

The nurse can't get the IV in after trying, oh, too many times, in my opinion. The specialist comes to do it, talks about dehydration and 'baby veins.' They're going to give me something to stop the contractions. It makes me feel like I've had about six espressos, which is kind of interesting.

I'm trying really hard not to have contractions, but the fetal monitor is giving me away. The stuff they put in the IV works for a while, then the contractions come back.

There's a TV in the room, so that's good. Tedd is at work, and I don't want to worry him, so I tell him he doesn't have to rush home on my account. That's bad.

I dilate a little more. Still, my Fetal Fibronectin Test comes back negative, so I'm told again and again that I'm not having a baby any time soon. Well, that's a relief!

Paloma Hazel Pamela T.


  1. Wow---busy lady! Just visiting over from SITS leaving some comment love!

  2. Happy SITS Saturday!

    Just checked out your book on Amazon -- what a clever idea.

  3. thanks for visiting! So i guess its just about your babys b-day? happy b-day to paloma! (love the name btw)

    happy SITS saturday back atcha!


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