Monday, March 22, 2010

Confessions of a Sometimes Co-Sleeper

We sure do love our babby, which is why she is still alive after waking up with a big case of the boo-hoos from roughly 2-4 a.m. last night. And not only that, but also she will still be sleeping in our room tonight and the night after and probably for the next, oh, four months, at least.

Paloma and her mama (who is me, duh)

Yes, that's right... my name is Christa and at 13.5 months, my baby is still bunking with me and the BabbyDaddy. Worse than that - in some people's eyes - Paloma still occasionally ends up in bed with us for almost the entire night, and it's a rare night indeed that I don't take her into bed when she wants to nurse at 5 a.m. because I am not ready to sit up at 5 a.m., nor try to put her back to bed at 5:15 a.m. when she's finished.

I'm a realist, okay? And also kind of mentally out of it before the sun comes up.

Yet I know that there will come a time in the very near future when I am extremely ready not to have a babby living in my room (especially since we're starting to think seriously about creating another babby, which may also want to live in our room for a time). Heck, I'd say that our decision to let Paloma wah wah a bit in the middle of the night while *we* exit what used to be our room indicates that we're pretty dedicated to the idea of giving her a little space.

The only problem? What will be our room and a pair of offices for myself and the BabbyDaddy is currently one entirely unfinished room (I'm talking no walls) and a large single room with badly hung walls and a terrifyingly ugly carpet laid over even uglier vinyl that was installed by someone who couldn't match edges. Right now, our entire second floor is basically storage, our Wintergarten, and a deliciously soft bed made of two thick memory foam pads and a feather bed worthy of a fairy tale (none of which we could use while co-sleeping).

Money's tight and investments are not quite paying out as we'd hoped, so our grand dream of having a contractor come in to handle the whole upstairs remodel has kind of gone down the toilet. But I come from a long line of home improvement DIYers, and good ones, too, with my dad still doing almost all the work on his house and my mom a former professional house painter. My grandfather built even the house on the property where I married from scratch!

I'm smart, I'm capable, and most importantly, I have a knack for reading, understanding, and then following directions, so I'm ready to build myself a room and an office and get the heck out of Paloma's room so she can get on with the business of being a good sleeper and we can not have to worry that every rustle of the sheets and every whisper is going to wake her up. Plus, once the BabbyDaddy and I are sharing an office, I can move all my things out of the second downstairs bedroom, which means that someday FutureBabby will have a nursery before s/he is born instead of 1.5 years afterward.* And BabbyDaddy's desk accoutrement, most of which are tiny choking hazards like army men and pennies, can all move upstairs, too.

Two rooms, two kids, with a whole grownup zone upstairs. And all I have to do is learn to hang drywall... what could go wrong :-P

*Mostly I feel like this is not our fault, since Paloma was early and we never had a chance to really make a space for her in advance of her coming.


  1. Chris does a pretty fine job of hanging drywall - he even got compliments from our inspector. You should talk to him for tips.

  2. Nice! When we're ready to start, I will pick his brain!

  3. Thanks for visiting by Marlie and Me! I just had to stop by your blog. I've been reading back posts and it's like looking into the future...scary, but reassuring. I have a small fry 13.5 lbs @ 7 months old. I co-sleep too. It is so much more conducive to nursing. I'll be back!

  4. Thanks for stopping by, Teresha! I've added you to my blogroll :-)


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