Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Houston, We Have Molar

Now that babby's molar has mostly erupted, we should be good with regard to waking up screaming, right? Right? Oh wait, babby's mouth contains the makings of about 10000000 more molars, from what I've read. And these will all come in when? Wouldn't it be nice if the teeth all came in at once in a tremendous burst of painful agony that meant no sleep for anyone, but only for say, two days? Luckily, daytime is usually all right. Babby may be a little clingier (which I initially mistyped as "blingier" -- no such luck) but she's generally happy. In fact, in last weekend's gorgeous weather, the fam had a lovely beach outing, which we photographed using the camera's repeat-o function. That's how we ended up with 400 pictures over a two-hour period. Whoopsie! For the curious, here are some highlights:




And my new all-time favorite picture of the babby and her papa:



  1. We've been lucky in that Ev has cut multiple teeth at a time. Three molars just came through last month all at once. He's working on #4 now.


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