Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Food Processor Is Broken... Yeah, That's the Ticket

What you looking at, fool?
Two of the blogs I read regularly (Hawkins: Adventures in Parenting and Marlie and Me) recently posted about making homemade baby food. As in steaming this and pureeing or grinding that, freezing it in cubes, and so on. Once upon a time I would have sworn up and down that I was going to feed Paloma only fruits and veggies I cooked myself, but it didn't exactly work that way. Note that I have all the respect in the world for people who have avoided the baby food jar aisle in entirety and in fact think that more people should make their own purees for baby.

But dang if I am not happy that Paloma now has enough teeth (including some molars) to take bites of actual food! Yes, she still eats a lot of purees, but I can also share a sandwich with her in a pinch if nothing else is immediately available.

I remember the first homemade baby food I made. It was applesauce, and I thought it tasted pretty awesome. Paloma disagreed, and would not eat it. I even followed the rules, introducing it multiple times, but she was just not digging it. What a blow to my Type A overachieving ego! Could that have been the start of my slow descent into BeechNut hell? The uneaten applesauce went in work lunches for the BabbyDaddy, and I gave the food processor the finger.

(There are actually plenty of pre-made food options outside of BeechNut and Gerber, and it's pretty easy to steer clear of added sugar, added salt, and preservatives if you go for the nicer brands and read labels. What you can't get away from is the fact that almost all the baby food manufacturers use overly ripe fruits and veggies, so the natural sugar content of any given puree is still wicked high.)

I didn't give up on homemade baby food entirely, however. I just did it here and there, when the mood struck and I had something yummy sitting around that I thought Paloma might like. If we were having something baby appropriate, it went into the grinder for the next day's lunch or dinner. And we were lucky in that she wasn't a late tooth bloomer, which meant she could eat plenty of things right off the table fairly early on.

That also meant that we didn't have to feed her 100000000 purees before she started eating table foods, so we consequently didn't end up spending $100000000000000 on tiny jars of overripe vegetables. Getting the early go-ahead to feed eggs was nice, too, because I'd much rather cook a little omelet for Paloma than feed her something gloppy and vaguely colored that calls itself "Country Medley."

I'd say that nowadays Paloma gets a mix of table foods, purees I've made, and purees made in some factory somewhere. We're trying to transition to more table foods, but that really hinges on Paloma being open to the idea of drinking something from a cup once in a while. For now I like that she has purees since it means she gets more liquids.

Oh, and do you know what else I like? All those little jars. My workbench has never been more organized*.

*This is a lie. I have yet to actually sort my screws and things, but I swear I will soon!


  1. I'm lucky that Nathan isn't really that picky when it came to food, so he loved carrot and green bean and zucchini purees, and now loves them when i steam them and cut them up. I never froze anything, though. I'd always leave stuff in the back of the fridge and forget and then four weeks later, find the remains and be very sad.

    I wish he'd like greens. Do the canned foods have added iron? Maybe that's where I went wrong.

  2. also, the kid hates eggs. why can't he enjoy the one thing i have in spades!

  3. I loved feeding my kids Earths Best, and I think they loved it too!

    Your daughter is beautiful, and what a great name!!!

  4. @KT Some of them do, some don't. Preemies blah blah iron, so iron has always been a concern of ours, which is why I always do have some Beech Nut on hand. It's one of the few that do add iron, I think. Nathan hates eggs? Sucker.

    @Molly We were fans of Earths Best, but they didn't have enough vegetarian options for older babies so there wasn't a lot to choose from once we passed Stage 2. And thanks!


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