Thursday, March 4, 2010

Open Wide and Say 'Aaaaah'

Looking good, four eyes

Today Paloma and I did a smart thing and visited the pediatric dentist. Backstory: Babies born early can have wussy teeth. Paloma's papa doesn't have the happiest teeth in the world. I was the kid who didn't go to the dentist until well into elementary school and had fillings in her baby teeth. And Paloma has some staining on her two front teeth.

We didn't know if the stains were cavities, dark spots from falls, or what, so I thought it best to consult an expert. Usually, baby's first dentist appointment happens at two (optimally, anyway) but pediatric dentists will see patients earlier if there's a problem.

The dentist's waiting room has a full-size carousel horse in it. Their magnets and pens and such are color coordinated, and the colors just happen to be Paloma's first birthday colors. Everyone was gushing about how cute Paloma was in her pink Nikes and her Hello Kitty jeans. The hygienist gave us a pink toothbrush. All in all, they seem to do their best to make everyone feel comfortable.

We have taught Paloma to open wide and say "Aaaah" so the visit went easier than I predicted. I just kept saying "Aaaah" to encourage Paloma to open up, which she did. She did not bite the dentist, thank goodness.

The spots, said the dentist, are probably the result of the iron Paloma was taking once upon a time or possibly the fluoride-enhanced vitamin she takes now. They should be able to buff the spots off at Paloma's first cleaning in a year or so. In fact, we gave buffing a try, but Paloma's ability to be a good girl for the nice dentist were strained to its limit by the buffing doohickey so we scrapped that idea for now.

Still, there was no crying and very little squirming, so Paloma was allowed to choose a sticker and a prize from the treasure chest, which made me feel absurdly proud.


  1. You really want the first visit to a pediatric dentist to be positive. Usually the pediatric dentist does something simple like count their teeth while doing a cursory examination. on the first visit. This positive experience really helps alleviate the fear factor.


  2. How does it come to be that a Catholic geocentrist is posting links to bare-bones pediatric dentistry web sites?

  3. It's an amazing world, after all!

  4. I won't deny it, Mark! Thanks for stopping by!


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