Thursday, March 11, 2010

Paloma Remains Itty Bitty. World Is Unsurprised.

As if I needed independent confirmation that Paloma is on the wee side, the pediatrician declared that Paloma is still in the first percentile for weight. I think that if you put her stats into the 34-week female preemie chart, that jumps to the fourth percentile. Whoa, fatty! Kidding, kidding. How much does Paloma weigh? Paloma weighs a whopping 16 pounds and 8 ounces, up from somewhat over 15 pounds in January. We're gaining, but she keeps getting taller, too, which kinds of cancels out any padding that might of established itself.

Paloma is not, as you might imagine, a roly-poly baby. She is not the chubby baby with the pinch-ready cheeks and the Buddha belly and the rolls. She isn't even the baby who looks slight until you pick her up to find out she's built like a brick you-know-what. Nope, Paloma is slight and has a body that looks like that of a scaled-down 10-year-old (with the exception of rather misplaced inner thigh rolls).

Not that there's anything wrong with rolls or chub or Buddha babies! I've always thought it rather odd when mommies get miffed that someone points out that baby is zaftig. Aren't babies supposed to be chubby and squishy and cuddlicious? Maybe it's just that the baby that I brought home from the hospital had chicken legs and an old man butt, but I don't get it. In February of 2009, all I wanted out of life was to see my baby put on weight! I wanted her to pack on the pounds, get the belly, chub up in her cheekular region.

And truly, Paloma has done an admirable job of putting on weight. But I'm reminded all the time that she's not a chubbabubba by all the younger babies who've passed her by on the height/weight charts. Do I care? Not really - she's happy and healthy and beautiful! Do I find it rather fascinating and also kind of funny that she's so wee? You betcha.

Rocking the double stroller, looking good ladies


  1. As someone who got huffy when people would say "He's so big! Don't worry, he'll thin out when he starts walking." I can say that part of my reason for getting huffy was my own weight insecurities and my fears about passing it on or people judging my son by my appearance. And part of it was that it's just effing rude to say someone's kid is "huge" and follow it up with "he'll thin out".

    That said, I love that my kid is in the 97th percentile and the size of kids almost twice his age. I'm seriously considering getting a shirt made up that says GIANT BABY IS GIANT. :D

  2. Oh man, see I've never heard of anyone following up the "Wow, he's huge" with "But that's okay because he'll thin out." That's pretty messed up!

  3. I had the same experience as Audrey. My oldest was 22 lbs at 4 months old. No joke. I kept hearing, "What's wrong with him? Why can't he walk?" Um, because he can't sit up yet? Bigger than Buddha Baby is now thin enough that you can see his ribs. So while he did thin out, I still didn't appreciate hearing it!

    Christa--people say stupid things no matter what the baby looks like. Just ignore them as best you can and try not to stress about the 1st percentile.

  4. I'm not particularly worried, Gina - it's more amusing to me than anything since I have so many friends with babies born within days of the P. I love to watch her playing with her bigger friends!


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