Thursday, April 29, 2010

And We Have a Climber

No, we're not walking yet. The Babby takes the odd step here and there, but certainly does not ambulate in any meaningful way. That's fine by us, for the time being. We're not the kind of parents who actively discourage walking - for real, some people do this - but we're also not foaming at the mouth to see Paloma tottering around the house, hands free to grab at everything now within her reach.

We have a climber!

So what is Paloma doing instead of walking? That'd be climbing. Onto boxes. Into her stroller. Over our legs. Onto her sweet red Schoenhut My First Piano (omg love that thing!) as a means of attempting to climb onto the couch. You get the picture. Naturally, it popped into my head that with the warmer weather, we could find something for Paloma to climb outside, where if there are leaves and rocks to eat, there are at least no sharp corners. Enter Babushka and Grandma Katie, who were kind enough to purchase a Step2 Play Up Double Slide Climber for our yard when we could not find even a basic outdoor toddler gym on Freecycle.

What gives? Do people keep those things forever?

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