Sunday, April 4, 2010

First Steps and a Pivot (Or It's Almost Time to Buy Teeny Tiny Tap Shoes, Yeah?)

It's been a long weekend, and you know what? I love when even though it's Sunday night and work looms large in my mind, it still feels like the weekend lasted a goodly long time. There was gardening, of course, since we inherited a crazy yard full of perennials when we purchased our house and we're planning on doing a little Food Not Lawns style front yard gardening, yum. There were walks to the park and more walks to the park, the cooking of au gratin potatoes and the planning of Easter surprises, and even some grown-up fun. HEY, PERVO, I'M TALKING ABOUT WORLD OF WARCRAFT, MMMMKAY?

As a side note, Easter did not figure into our plans at all, even though it was both my Easter and other Easter and even heathen springtime day (Tedd's Easter KIDDING). Paloma's Babushka and her Grandma Katie were all set to come and get their chocolate on at our place, but colds happen, even when the weather is pretending it's summertime, and thus Easter has been postponed until next weekend.

So what notable things happened? First, we finally took Paloma's bucket car seat out even though she weighs about 16 and a half pounds and the weight limit is 30 pounds, and replaced it with her Big Girl Car Seat.

Chilling in the Big Girl Car Seat, with a big girl cup, even

We just wanted to try it out, but then we thought, heck, we're hardly ever carrying her around in the bucket anymore so why not? And she seems to like it, or at least like playing in it...


And, naturally, there was plenty of unassisted standing, since that has been, up until today, the sweet new thing that Paloma likes to do all the time.

We finally manage to get pictures of Paloma standing and of course she is eating a shoe.

(Yes, she's eating a shoe. We're terrible parents, blah blah blah.)

There was also climbing, which is the other thing Paloma loves to do. It causes me no end of fright, since she's determined to climb into the tub, off of the bed, onto the couch, and over everything that she can get her leg over.

But the big news of the weekend is that Paloma took plenty of unassisted steps! First it was four this morning, then it was two while the BabbyDaddy was getting bathtime gear ready, and a few more. These are intentional steps, mind. She took two tiny steps a few days ago, but they seemed so accidental that I didn't think I ought to list them as first steps in the baby book.

So naturally I need to show this whole baby is walking thing to the BabbyDaddy, who is put out that I'm interrupting his tales of ants and earwigs to pridefully boast that the Babby is walking. Once I apologized, however, he was suitably pleased and excited, and I set about putting together a demonstration. First attempts resulted in failures involving crawling and a sort of awkward two-step. When Paloma finally did acknowledge my squeals of "Walk! Walk!" she not only walked, but also did a fine dancer's pivot!

Which leads me to wonder: Do they make tap shoes in an infant size four?


  1. I've seen them made pretty small. SUch a cute post! Stopping in from SITS.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Drama Mama!

    And for the encouragement, Teresha!


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